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Plastics and Chemicals Industry



plastics industryThe U.S. chemicals industry faces a tough domestic environment due to high inflation and rising interest rates. In addition, higher oil prices are impacting profit margins. However, the U.S. chemicals sector has a fair outlook for 2023 and currently outperforms other regions. But tighter environmental requirements will force the industry to focus on de-carbonization strategies to meet regulatory deadlines.

More specifically, the plastics industry is the eighth largest in the United States with more than one million jobs. On a global scale, approximately 367 million metric tons of plastic was produced in 2020 according to a report from Statista.

Plastics are extremely versatile and have in many cases replaced wood, metal and glass. But increased plastic production comes at the cost of environmental stability because the materials require an incredible amount of energy to produce. Atradius can help your business stay alert for changing industry trends and help offset the risks in the supply chain.

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Atradius is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our coverage options or request a free, no obligation quote that includes credit reports for your largest trade partners.

Plastics price fluctuation
Price Fluctuations Drive the Market

Price fluctuations for materials can be catastrophic, especially for small companies. The prices for plastics inputs are volatile and can result in abrupt higher costs to produce end products. Atradius can help mitigate return loss with accurate market insights and financial risk analyses.

Plastics diverse end markets
Versatility Comes at the Cost of Sustainability

Plastic production could triple by 2050, according to the World Forum. This comes with an impact on the environment as U.S. plastic emissions are projected to surpass coal emissions by 2030. To align with more sustainable options, some companies are moving away from single-use plastics. But many fossil fuel companies see plastics production as an investment opportunity in the wake of decreased demand for non-renewables. In the wake of rising costs from global efforts to reinforce sustainable practices despite the ever-increasing demand for plastics, Atradius will be there to help you predict which customers are financially sound and which are unstable before you’re left without payment.

Plastics environmental regulations
Adhering to Complex Environmental Regulations

Plastics companies must adhere to increasingly complex environmental regulations, or risk steep fines and penalties. Adhering to these requirements costs time and money, making it increasingly important to mitigate any unforeseen loss due to poor customer credit.

plastics sustainability and consumer preferences
Sustainability and Consumer Preferences

As the demand for “green” products continues to grow in popularity among consumers, so does the concern for tighter regulatory policies. Consumers want the ability to trace where their products came from and the assurance that the companies making their products are sustainable too. Chemical businesses have the opportunity to capitalize on these changing consumer preferences and trends and create innovative products. The challenge will be to stay ahead of the latest standards and efforts to minimize their carbon footprint and comply with regulatory changes.

plastics stable default assessment
Stable Default Assessment

The number of non-payments and insolvencies has been low in the past couple of years in the chemicals industry. The sector also has good access to loans and funding for business operations.

plastics regional cost competitiveness
Regional Cost Competitiveness

The U.S. chemicals industry has a bit of an advantage due to low and more stable gas prices. This advantage supports exports, which are expected to grow by 7% this year. Other regions, such as Europe, are facing a long-term disadvantage due to increased gas prices from the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

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Our business grew 25% last year, and I can confidently attribute 5% of that to Atradius.

Larry BeardPresidentEnCom Polymers

Benefits to Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance is a risk management tool that can help protect your company’s commercial accounts receivable from the devastating effects of loss caused by a bankruptcy or protracted default of your buyers. No company wants to face the unknown. At Atradius, we give our clients peace of mind knowing that their policy protects them from a customer’s sudden inability to pay. Especially in an industry that must adhere to high-cost environmental regulations, trade credit insurance can help with cash flow and to ensure companies are financially stable.

Risk Management

Atradius analyzes industry trends and the risk of every buyer to ensure you are working with stable customers. If a previously stable customer starts showing signs of deteriorating payment trends, we alert you right away so you can take steps to protect and ensure your accounts receivable. We evaluate the supply chain from each angle and can alert our clients to trouble coming down the pipeline before there is a loss.

Sales Expansion

For companies seeking to safely grow sales, working capital is essential. If your company doesn’t feel comfortable increasing existing credit lines or initiating credit lines in new markets, we can help. We are a global company with a presence on every continent. Our innovative services provide you with the practical tools you need to manage your receivables, building the foundation for solid business growth and success.

Increased Funding Options

Companies in the midst of an intense growth phase may need to put up accounts receivable as capital to receive additional funds from a bank. Having a trade credit insurance policy with Atradius that mitigates your risk means banks are more comfortable loaning the funds you need.

Cost Effective

Our policies are cost effective. On average, the rate we charge falls to less than one half of 1%. If a company sets aside a debt reserve of 5%, our services are extremely cost effective, because with our coverage you will always get any lost money back.

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