Mastering Financial Literacy: Insights from Atradius

financial literacy

April is Financial Literacy Month, a time to enhance your financial awareness.


Think financial literacy as focusing on four key areas: managing debt, making budgets, saving money, and investing wisely. Mastering these basics not only strengthens your professional finances but also supports your broader life goals, like starting, or expanding your business into new markets.

At Atradius, we’re here to help you navigate financial risks with our credit insurance solutions. Simply put, credit insurance protects your business from losses if customers can’t pay their bills. It’s more than just insurance: it’s a smart financial strategy that can also boost your sales. Learn more about how our trade credit insurance works and get a free quote to see how it can benefit your business compared to self-insurance.

Our DSO Calculator is another tool designed to help businesses improve their financial health. It helps you understand and optimize your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), which is how long it takes for customers to pay you. By improving your invoicing and client relationships, you can enhance your cash flow and profitability. Check out our free DSO page to learn more and assess your business’ needs.

In addition to using these tools, it’s beneficial to stay up to date with current events. New financial triggers can arise daily and watching them will help to prepare your business proactively. Right now, one aspect to monitor is the upcoming Presidential Election. It’s likely right now that the election will be between current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. The election matters to Americans, but also to the world because of our country’s status as a global, political, and economic leader. One of our most recent news articles discusses more on this, specifically what the economy is currently looking like as the election begins. More on the global impact of this election, Trump’s agenda, and market uncertainty here.

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