How to Protect Against Customer Bankruptcy

how to protect yourself against customer bankruptcy

What happens if your business encounters a customer bankruptcy? How will this effect your balance sheet? How common is filing for bankruptcy? What can I do to protect my business from a customer filing for bankruptcy? If you’re asking yourself any of these kinds of questions, your business will benefit from accounts receivable insurance. Our goal is to protect your business from financial losses that comes from clients going bankrupt.

This is where accounts receivable insurance can help you. Not only can a policy cover a portion of your debts, Atradius can also provide credit monitoring and risk assessment services to help spot signs of buyers facing difficulties that could lead to bankruptcy. Atradius has been at the forefront of new developments and innovations for more than 95 years. Watch our full video to get the details of how we can protect you and reach out for further information on what this will look like for your business. Also for further information visit our Customer Bankruptcy page here.