Latin America Economic Outlook: Leader in Clean Energy

leader in clean energy

Latin America currently stands as a world leader in clean energy alternatives and hopes to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.


Some of Latin America’s sub-regions fare better than others when it comes to clean energy. Their abundance of riverways allows hydropower energy to keep its industries and communities up and running, but countries will need to diversify their renewable resources to stay on target.

Political unrest has escalated instability in several countries in addition to climate change. Elections in 2021 and 2022 shifted with new outsiders taking the place of powerful existing leaders in Peru, Chile, Honduras and Costa Rica, causing additional political uncertainty for the future. The unstable political environment is a roadblock to innovation, education and infrastructure, all of which factor into the region’s slow economic growth forecast.

While Latin America’s economy had a surprisingly strong recovery from the pandemic, it is already losing steam. Businesses should keep an eye on changes in structural reforms across the region.

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