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Trust Atradius To Insure Your Receivables

Atradius can help your business insure your accounts receivable with your most important trade partners. Our industry leading financial reporting, risk forecasting, and expansive portfolio of financial profiles for individual businesses can help you make informed decisions when managing your receivables. We can empower you to take on new business and explore new markets with confidence.

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Quick and Easy

We help you through every step of this quick and simple process. Our team will collect some basic info about your receivables and provide you with a range of quotes and options.

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Commitment to Excellence

Our experienced team is committed to delivering thoughtful insights and strategies. No two businesses are the same, and neither are our thoughtfully prepared policy options.

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Quotes Designed for Your Business Needs

Our account management team is committed to creating a bespoke insurance policy that is tailored to your portfolio of receivables. We will take care to provide policy options that align with your business objectives.

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Quotes Are Free with No Obligation

Our top priority is to help you understand your options and decide if accounts receivable insurance is the right choice for your business. Requesting a quote does not obligate you to commit to anything.

5 Step Guide to Insuring Your Accounts Receivable

Not sure if accounts receivable insurance is right for you? Review our 5-step guide in order to help you quickly determine if you can benefit from insuring you accounts receivable. Our guide also helps you understand the simple steps that you will take in the application process.

How Does the Quoting Process Work?

Atradius will assess your portfolio of receivables based on two primary factors. The first is an evaluation of payment history including the financial ratings of your primary customers, the credit terms that have been established, and your accounts receivable outstanding liability history. The second factor is related to your industry, the inherent industry-specific risks, and the regions or countries where you do business.

Each industry is unique, so we may factor in other aspects of your business such as the need for non-cancellable credit limits or whole turnover cover. If you are selling products, this may also factor into your accounts receivable insurance quote. Industries trading in perishables or creating products with short shelf lives may be a factor in the viability of product and, along with repayment terms, impact your cost. When preparing an accounts receivable insurance quote, we may explore the following aspects of your business.

  • Turnover

    Simply put, this is where the quoting process begins. We will analyze your receivables, terms for repayment, and average days sales outstanding.

  • Trading History

    We explore the growth of your company over time, your track record for collecting on receivables, and the historic credit history of your largest trade partners. It is important to note that past challenges in collecting on lines of credit does not necessarily dictate a higher premium. Our experts consider your trade outlook futures as much as your history.

  • Sector / Industry

    We will consider your sector or industry when creating your quote. Factors such as market stability, seasonality, and outside market influences can help to lower your total estimated premium costs.

  • Credit Terms

    Our accounts receivable insurance quotes take into consideration the terms you have established with your trade partners. We will review the total amount of your lines of credit and terms of repayment. We can also advise you on improving terms for future negotiations.

Highlights of our insurance quoting process
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Atradius Credit Insurance Highlights

Accounts receivable insurance from Atradius is a simple and affordable method that serves as a guarantee of compensation for the goods and services you deliver to customers. Our receivables insurance protects you from being exposed by the failure of a customer to pay an invoice. We protect against insolvency, refusal or inability to pay, or a multitude of other contract breaches resulting in receivables remaining unpaid.

We offer one dynamic and multifaceted insurance policy (Modula). This policy can be customized with a range of modular components that are tailored to compliment business’s needs and trade exposures.

Atradius also offers Multinational accounts receivable insurance. Our global team of experts has a presence in over 50 different nations offering localized expertise that observes localized business law and customs while also offering multilingual trade negotiation support and collections services.  The Special Products Unit provides unparalleled support that goes beyond traditional receivable protection, with protection from catastrophic events, natural disasters, political strife, and more.

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your credit management hub

Atradius Atrium

Atradius Atrium is your receivables management hub. Through a single portal you can manage your daily policy activities, and analyze your portfolio of customers.

All You Need in One Place

  • Get an instant overview of your portfolio
  • Manage your accounts receivable cover
  • Submit and monitor your non-payments cases
  • Easily access key information about your customers
  • Declare your business
  • Receive updates on policy changes and follow up on outstanding actions
  • Access Atradius Insights to analyze and manage your portfolio
  • View Atradius publications relevant to your markets and trade sectors
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Business Intelligence at your Fingertips

Atradius Insights

In today’s competitive business environment, having up-to-date information and business intelligence at the tip of your fingers is a key asset.

Atradius Insights provides many useful features such as a bird’s eye view of your portfolio via a business intelligence dashboard, drill-down options to the lowest level of detail, various filter possibilities and the ability to export your selected data.

The Key Features Enable You To:

  • View the highest level of information or drill-down to the deepest detail in only 3 clicks
  • Follow trends and developments in your buyer portfolio, if you want up to the last 5 years (daily update)
  • Be more proactive by anticipating on future changes in risk cover
  • Use interactive world maps to identify opportunities or to clearly see areas of risk
  • Quickly pinpoint anomalies or areas for further investigation with our bubble graphs
  • Easily filter or search the information that is most interesting for you
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Accounts Receivable insurance coverage insights

Key Facts & Figures

We’re a world-leading provider of trade credit insurance, surety and debt collection services with a presence in every continent. Here’s a snapshot of our business as it stands today.

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54 Countries

A global company, Atradius has a presence in 54 countries around the world and more than 3,650 employees. For almost a century, Atradius has been providing trade credit insurance worldwide. We are constantly growing and evolving to keep pace with consumer demand and provide superior customer experience.

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Atradius Multinational Staff

With more than 160 offices globally and a presence in every continent, Atradius is proud to have a multinational employee base. Our team encompasses a variety of geographical and multilingual perspectives and experiences, bringing additional value to our customers.

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Atradius Revenue Icon

2 Billion in Total Revenue

As a world-leading provider of accounts receivable insurance, we earn the trust of our customers to provide custom insurance solutions. Our financial strength comes from the confidence our customers have in our services – and the risk management protection we offer for their accounts receivable.

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93% Retention Rate

Customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships is serious business to us. We are pleased that 97% of our customers would recommend our receivables insurance services to others. The best accolade is happy (and insured) customers.

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Curious About Pricing?

Atradius is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our coverage options or request a free, no obligation quote that includes credit reports for your largest trade partners.

Our Products

Our products and services are designed to provide you with a suite of integrated commercial support. Built on a solid foundation of underwriting knowledge and expertise, our products represent powerful business tools. From energy to engineering, construction to food, our underwriters are experts in your sector and understand your individual industry needs from the inside.

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Accounts Receivable Insurance

With Atradius Accounts Receivable Insurance, you can trade with confidence and explore new markets or products, knowing that your business is protected against credit risk such as the insolvency of your customers.

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Designed for global clients, Atradius Multinationals takes a wholistic approach to insuring your receivables while providing on-the-ground local support that mirrors your own geographical reach and multilingual policies.

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Special Products

The Atradius Special Products Unit provides tailored solutions outside the framework of our whole turnover receivable insurance policies. This covers trade, trade financing and political risks.

Get Your Questions Answered

Atradius is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our coverage options or request a free, no obligation quote that includes credit reports for your largest trade partners.